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Teacher Training Workshops

Teacher Training Workshops

Rocky Bay are offering presentations and workshops to teaching staff on a variety of topics, such as sensory processing, emotional regulation, behaviour or complex communication. We are also able to provide custom workshops to meet the specific needs of your school and students. All of the workshops listed below are hosted at one of Rocky Bay’s hubs in the Perth metro area, but can also be delivered at your school for groups of up to 15 participants.


Supporting Students with Complex Communication Needs

This workshop was developed for educators working with people with complex communication needs as we recognise the significant importance of communication partners. The workshop aims to provide practical tools and strategies that can be used in the classroom to support AAC communicators and to develop your own skills and knowledge as a communication partner. The workshop consists of current, evidence based research, practical ideas, hands-on practice and videos covering topics such as total communication, aided language stimulation, communication styles, vocabulary selection and organisation, goal setting and literacy.

Educators who attend the workshop will leave with knowledge of:

  • Current evidence based tools and strategies to support people with complex communication needs.
  • How to write goals for students with complex communication needs
  • How to model and use AAC with your students
  • How to support students using AAC with literacy
  • How to select appropriate vocabulary for your students

Presenters: Kayla Chapman & Lisa Totten

Cockburn 21 May 2021  Mandurah 14 May 2021

Social Communication Skills for students with ASD with limited speech

This workshop aims to give teacher an overview of the complex array of cognitive skills and abilities needed for a student to participate in the social world and practical and evidence based strategies for teachers working with students of all abilities, including those with less verbal output to support their social development in school settings.

Educators who attend the workshop will leave with the:

  • Awareness of what ‘social skills’ are required for learners to participate in the social world
  • Awareness of the key cognitive skills that are required for effective social functioning
  • Review methods to assess social function in students
  • Review evidence based strategies to support students to increase their social participation

Presenters: Lauren Constantine & Kati Martinez

Ascot 6 May 2021  Cockburn 13 May 2021  

Emotional Regulation in the Classroom

Students with autism often have difficulty identifying what is going on in their brain and body (such as emotions, senses and thoughts).  This can lead to dysregulated emotional states resulting in behaviours that may cause disruption in the classroom.

Educators who attend the workshop will:

  • Understand the pathway of escalations
  • Learn about the escalation pathway
  • Identify calming, sensory and cognitive strategies and where these are best implemented on the escalation pathway

Presenter: Melanie Stephen

Duncraig 25 May 2021  Cockburn 27 May 2021  

Supporting Students with Sensory Processing Challenges 

This workshop aims to give teachers an overview of sensory processing and how to use sensory strategies to improve participation in the classroom. It will also explore the difference between behaviour versus sensory needs and how to appropriately respond.

Educators who attend the workshop will leave with:

  • Awareness and understanding of the eight sensory systems and sensory processing
  • Awareness of the impact of sensory processing on participation
  • How to use sensory strategies to co-regulate in the classroom and promote the development of self-regulation
  • Learn the EATS model of functions of behaviour
  • Differentiate between sensory breaks, brain breaks and rewards

Presenter: Melanie Stephen

Duncraig 11 May 2021  Cockburn 18 May 2021  


Tech Talkers Workshop

Our Tech Talkers Workshop, while primarily aimed at parents, can be a useful tool for teachers who interact with children who use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices. The workshop will help you to use AAC devices to support your students literacy development. For more on the Tech Talkers Workshop go to the workshop page.

Tech Talkers Workshop



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