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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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From golf to gaming – Rocky Bay makes wishes come true

Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree has a huge impact, enabling people with disability to live more independently and enjoy activities that you might take for granted.

Two such activities that have proved recently popular include cooking and playing sports. Wishes are funded entirely through donations and are only granted for things where there are no other available funding sources.

These wishes and others came true in 2014!

Brent’s back on course

brent_webBrent was an active golfer, playing socially with his family and friends until it became too difficult to play due to his disability. The Wishing Tree enabled Brent to get back onto the golf course by providing a new set of clubs with modified grips, lightweight shoes, and a golf buggy with a seat. This modified equipment enabled him to play his first round of golf in ten years!  Brent says that playing golf gives him the opportunity to connect with his friends and family and feel included in an activity that he enjoys.





Mix-masters in the kitchen
thermomix_tm5_resizedIn these days of convenience cooking, the Thermomix is the kitchen appliance everyone would love to own.  Whilst it can be handy for all, it can open up a new world for some people living with disability.

For a number of Rocky Bay clients with an interest in cooking, the Thermomix has meant the difference between cooking independently and not cooking at all.

Samantha, Rachel, Amy and Sarah all received a Thermomix from the Wishing Tree last year. They are now more independent around the home, cooking entire meals for themselves and others.

Sarah and Amy have rediscovered their passion for baking sweet treats and Samantha’s Thermomix has not only increased her independence but also allowed her Mum to go back to work as Samantha no longer needs assistance to prepare meals.


Ben takes the controls

callum with benBen is Rocky Bay’s go-to DJ for events and his new computer enables him to make music and playlists using a Virtual DJ computer program. Ben also enjoys playing video games on a Playstation but has been having difficulty holding the controls. Thanks to his new computer, Ben can once again enjoy the full experience of gaming.




Rochelle steps up to the plate

rochelle_resizedAnother client with a passion for cooking is Rochelle. In her first year out of school Rochelle is working on her skills for independence, in particular cooking. Rochelle attends cooking classes once a week and loves to make meals for her family. With her new cooking equipment including a food processor, cookie cutters and a safe knife from Kitchen Warehouse, Rochelle can continue making delicious meals for her family.




If you would like to help brighten the life of someone living with disability, consider making a donation to Rocky Bay. As The Wishing Tree relies entirely on community support, your donation could make a real difference.

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