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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |
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What goes around comes around – Nicole’s story

When I was a school girl, I knew Rocky Bay as the place at the bottom of the hill where the sisters from Iona Presentation College would encourage us to go down to and lend a hand. Helping Rocky Bay was my first experience with the organisation. 20 years later, Rocky Bay is where I go to for help with our autistic son and the organisation is giving back to me.

My son receives school based services as well as the school holiday program. The help the therapists have been able to give my son has resulted in him being able to write his name and learn skills such as riding a bike. To most parents this is a regular milestone, but to a boy who struggles with motor skills and holding his attention, this was a real achievement. My boy is now coming out of his shell and showing the world how he can shine. Words cannot describe the dedication his therapists have shown him. He always has his cheeky grin on when he sees them in the school grounds.

Helping Rocky Bay was my first experience and that has now been passed on to my son. He now actively fundraises for Rocky Bay with the Walk with Me event and proudly asks people to help. From the mouths of a child, “Please help the Rocky Bay school teach everyone to ride their bike.” To him, he now has two schools – the regular primary school and the Rocky Bay school. Together we are working to help him be the best he can be.

Thank you

Nicole, Mother to Anthony 8, autistic.

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