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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Walk With Me in December – Ben’s story

I became a Rocky Bay client seven years ago when my family moved to Perth from New South Wales. Living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can be difficult at times, as it severely limits my movement and makes me reliant on others for daily living tasks like showering, eating, drinking etc.

However, I am a very positive person and can usually see the humour in any situation. I enjoy socialising and have a wide circle of friends, trying to live life to the full and contribute back to the community. I volunteer my time at Murdoch University where I work with prominent muscular dystrophy researchers and assist in data entry.

I really value the support I get from Rocky Bay that includes carers, OTs, physios and speech therapists as well as advice, information and transport allowing me to manage my funding and equipment. Getabout supports me by organising and transporting my equipment when I am the DJ for Rocky Bay discos and encourages and helps me to be more social.

I volunteered to be an ambassador for Rocky Bay’s Corporate Walk With Me to be held in Government House gardens on Wednesday 3rd December.  It promises to be a fantastic event and I am looking forward to working with my corporate partner and helping them win the CEO segway challenge.

I currently live at home with my family but would one day love to move in with my good friend JB.

I would also love to travel to Japan where I could expand my interest in anime. And, given that my other passions are wine, women and song, I’d love to become a great DJ, where I can enjoy music, parties, a bit of alcohol and the company of beautiful women, of course.

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