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Surfing day out – March 2013

One Saturday in March 2013, a team of support workers and clients – Kelvin, Malcolm, Keryn and Danny ventured down to Leighton beach. It was a beautiful morning and the surf was great. We were joined by others from the Disabled Surfers Associated (DSA). It was great meeting the client’s families as they came down to watch, all as excited as the support workers and their participating family members. The atmosphere was one of thrill and enthusiasm, especially seeing as Kelvin was getting the chance to surf at his home beach once again.

When it came to Kelvin’s turn the beach was a hub of excitement. Two teams joined to help him get onto the Malibu and carry him to the water. He generated quite the crowd, everyone was taking films and photos for relatives across the world. There was a lot of cheering and the look on Kelvin’s face was priceless! Later in the day Kelvin was awarded with the ‘most stoked’ medal and cap, after that Kelvin assured us he wanted to go again proving he is a risk taker by nature.

As Malcolm got in the surf he was joined by his sister and nephew. He caught some awesome waves and his nephew was able to hop on the back of the board and ride along with him. Malcolm got wiped out quite spectacularly but he didn’t seem to mind.

Overall a great day was had by everyone and the clients were all keen to come again. We finished the day with a social barbeque, with volunteers, DSA members, participants and families. The DSA is a fantastic organisation, respecting the rights of people with disabilities by allowing them to take risks, be free and have fun in the sand and sun.

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