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Sowing the seeds of new friendships

Friends of Mosman Park Bushland and Rocky Bay team up to protect local environment

Friends of Mosman Park Bushland are a volunteer group covering the Mosman Park bush and beach areas. They identify high diversity local plant areas, broken wildlife corridors, plant native plants and advocate for landscape designs that meet the needs of the local wildlife. Over the last two years Rocky Bay Leisure, Lifestyle and Learning studio members have been assisting the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland with critical seed sorting and made new friendships as a result.

Weed invasion is an ongoing issue for Australian bushland. Left unattended, weeds cause plants and trees to die, destroying vital habitat for native birds and wildlife. Controlling weeds is a time consuming but critical task to ensure the natural habitat is maintained.

Together Friends of Mosman Park Bushland and Rocky Bay Studio members have saved hundreds of Acacia Cyclops seeds. Acacia Cyclops is a coastal shrub native to Australia, distributed along the west coast of Western Australia as far north as Jurien Bay. When sheltered from the wind, the shrub tends to grow as a small attractive tree.

Acacia Cyclops has numerous benefits to the environment

  • Acacia Cyclops stabilise the coastal dunes and riverbanks
  • The Acacia Cyclops seeds are high in protein and added to the diet of the local Nyoongars pre European settlement
  • Bobtail lizards eat the seeds and nest in the thick leaf litter beneath them. Without Bobtails, the bushland would decline as they eat a variety of plant seeds that need the bobtail digestion for seed germination
  • Birds roost in the trees and add nitrogen to the soil

Coordinator Sue Conlan said “My daughter, Megan, (a Psychologist at Rocky Bay) suggested I contact the Studio team after seeing my dining room table covered with seeds for months at a time.”

Sue now regularly brings bags of Acacia Cyclops pods into the Rocky Bay studio where members do the time consuming but essential task of removing all the seeds. They are then sent to APACE nursery seed bank for future plantings.

“The wonderful thing has been getting to know Rocky Bay as part of our community as well as receiving their assistance. It’s truly brought me joy to find out more about this lesser known area of our community and all the great work they do” stated Sue.

You can follow Friends of Mosman Park Bushland on Facebook and while we talk about friendship – have you ever thought of being a Friend of Rocky Bay?

Photos of Acacia Cyclops, bobtail lizards and volunteers from both Rocky Bay Studio and Friends of Mosman Park Bushland

2016-2-25 kingspark (6)Acacia-cyclopsbobtail-tiliqua-rugosa-gallery-3cyclops wattle 16-01-2015 12-28-58 PM 2016-2-26 mosman park seeds (1) 2016-2-26 mosman park seeds (2)    darryl and seeds seed sorting at rocky bay


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