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Juggling a day of excitement – Kevin’s story

Gail, Rocky Bay Support Worker writes about her day out with Kevin:

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Wishing Tree Committee and all who made it happen for the recent wish granted to Kevin, a charming young man with autism, who very rarely gets a treat and he utterly appreciated this one.

I posted the wish for Kevin and a friend or family member to have an outing to Cirque du Soleil and to have dinner afterwards.  As it turned out, Kevin’s dad asked ME to go with Kevin and of course I didn’t hesitate, seeing it as completely my privilege! So the two of us counted down the days in excited anticipation.

I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to his expectations, but it absolutely did.  It was truly wonderful from go to wo.

Kevin embraced the whole package with sheer joy and enthusiasm. He loved riding in the taxi; he loved the yellow and blue stripes on the circus tent; he loved choosing a Cirque de Soleil T-shirt and other bits and bobs including a poster for his bedroom wall and carrying them in his Cirque du Soleil bag; he loved the buttery popcorn; he loved the seats that wouldn’t stay down and the numbers on the backs of the seats and the “ beautiful brown girl hair” on the child in front of him; he loved the show, commenting on the costumes and he loved clapping between each act; he loved the man playing the violin and the lady with the beautiful voice.

As we walked out he said,”That was the wonderful Cirque du Soleil”

He loved walking to the restaurant, Annalakshmi on the Swan, and commented on many things along the way, like the lights along the river, the colours on the water, the beautiful city, the moon, the purple Bell Tower that we were heading towards and getting closer and closer to. He seemed so happy and enthralled.

He loved the restaurant, including the patterned wallpaper and golden, colourful statues. He said he was hungry (despite all the popcorn!) He seemed to soak up the warm atmosphere, being friendly and interactive with other people as we stood in line for our food. He ate with gusto, everything being yummy and delicious.

Kevin was chatty and expressive throughout. He was laughing and smiling and appeared to be in his element at having such a special outing.

He voiced how happy he felt and it was a pleasure for me to witness and be part of Kevin’s adventure.

Driving him home, he insisted on sitting in the back seat so that I could be his taxi driver.

Thank you so much!


A collection of photos from the day out:


Happy with my Cirque du Soleil purchases (2)

Happy with my Cirque du Soleil purchases

Enjoying my popcorn before the show (2)

Enjoying my popcorn before the show

We arrive at the Bell Tower (2)

Heading off to the restaurant

Enjoying my meal at Annalakshmi (2)

Enjoying my meal at Annalakshmi

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