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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Happy dreams now for Tyler & Nick

Beds by The Wishing Tree

When 21 year old twins, Tyler and Nick moved into their own apartment, they could only dream of spending a day shopping at IKEA for new beds and other home wares.

Lucky for them, their Rocky Bay support worker Karen thought they needed a little help to furnish their house especially seeing one of them was sleeping on a broken bed!

Karen submitted a request to The Wishing Tree asking for support and it was accepted not long afterwards.

Wishes are only granted by the Wishing Tree committee if there is no other funding available and they fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  • Increases independence
  • Supports a better living environment
  • Fulfils a long term goal or ambition
  • Provides a special, one off treat

In Tyler and Nick’s case, their wish fulfills all four.

Liana, Wishing Tree Chair presented the voucher to the boys before they headed off on their shopping adventure with support worker Michael.

The twins were thrilled to be out shopping and who wouldn’t be! They each found a new bed that they liked, then headed to the kitchen and bathroom sections for some new appliances, towels, laundry baskets and other smaller but much needed items.

Upon hearing that Tyler and Nick were coming to spend the day shopping, two of the IKEA team, Anna and Flavia welcomed them with meal vouchers for the café.

Fortunately, Anna and Flavia ended up spending the day with them, providing some much needed assistance with the five trolleys they accumulated along the way.  Even the IKEA Store Manager came down to say hello.

To say the boys are happy with their purchases and experience is an understatement, the day was a huge success.

By donating to the Rocky Bay Wishing Tree, you can optimise the quality of life for people like Nick and Tyler.

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