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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |
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Shared Management

Take control of your services and supports

Our approach

Shared Management allows you greater control of your support system, thereby ensuring flexibility with regards to schedules and support worker employment conditions such as wages, leave and rosters.

Is Shared Management for me?

Some questions to determine if you have the skills or supports in your life to take on the responsibility of a Shared Management model.

Would you like to:

  • have more choice and control over supports in your life?
  • take on some of the responsibilities and tasks involved in managing your supports?
  • work in partnership with Rocky Bay?

Do you have:

  • the time to organise and manage your own supports?
  • the capacity to organise and manage your own supports and /or have someone in your life to assist you with these tasks?

Are you willing to:

  • take responsibility for agreed tasks?
  • use your funding in accordance with your funder’s guidelines?
  • review your plan with your coordinator on at least an annual basis?
  • account for expenditure of the funds as agreed?

If you answered yes to most of these questions a Shared Management model might be the ideal way to organise and schedule your funded supports.

Your responsibilities

Rocky Bay will work with you to determine your ideal Shared Management model and your level of responsibility. You will be required to sign a Rocky Bay Service Agreement detailing the agreed level of responsibility for both parties.

Responsibilities can include:

  • finding and recruiting your support staff
  • directing and supporting your support staff
  • scheduling your activity, appointments and support staff rosters
  • ensuring your support staff hold current Police Clearance and where relevant, Working with Children certificates
  • obtaining the appropriate level of workers compensation insurance
  • ensuring your support staff have the appropriate level of training to support you
  • forwarding invoices and support staff work records to Rocky Bay in a timely manner in order for your support staff to be paid on your behalf

Shared Management does not include:

  • the use of Rocky Bay staff
  • advice on legal matters outside of payroll related topics

Rocky Bay responsibilities

  • Income tax payments to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for your support staff
  • Managing superannuation payments for your support staff
  • Setting up payroll for your support staff
  • Processing timesheets each fortnight
  • Remitting net wages to support staff
  • Providing annual payment summaries to your support staff
  • Providing you with expenditure statements each month
  • Reporting hours of service delivered to the Disability Services Commission
  • Providing a key contact person to work with you and visit you in your home at least twice a year. They will be available to answer questions as they arise
  • Assisting you to write and review your plan annually
  • Assisting you to develop a support budget plan
  • Providing reference documents to assist you to use a Shared Management model

Rocky Bay can offer extra services at an additional cost, such as:

  • training for you or your staff
  • advocacy assistance
  • hiring facilities such as interview space or recreational equipment
  • assistance to write employee advertisements


Phone: Please contact our Customer Engagement Team on 9383 6113 or email to discuss your individual needs
Online: Send an online enquiry

You can access our services if you have an NDIS or WA NDIS plan, Disability Services Commission funding, Better Start funding, Medicare or if you want to fund your own services.  We can also support you through the planning process if you do not have a plan already.


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