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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Your Safety












Your safety, your rights

Everyone has the right to feel safe and to trust those who are taking care of them.

What is abuse?

Abuse takes many forms, by understanding it you are in a better position to recognise it if it happens to you or to someone around you.

Forms of abuse:

Financial: using your money without your permission or knowledge, or withholding money from you.

Neglect: refusing to provide you with what you need to survive and live comfortably. These things may be food, care and emotional support.

Physical: causing you physical pain or injury through acts like hitting, kicking. Forcing you to do things against your will, or restraining you.

Psychological/emotional: saying things that make you feel threatened, scared or feel bad about yourself.

Sexual: engaging in sexual acts with you, without your permission.

What to do when you feel unsafe:

  1. Say it early, clearly and often: If you are unhappy with how you are being treated, say something as soon as you feel safe to.
  2. Know you are the boss of your body and money: You have every right to say no to something that is happening with your body or your money.
  3. Talk about uncomfortable feelings: Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling.
  4. Keep talking about your safety: When you find a person you can trust to talk about, continue to have those conversations to make sure you are not being hurt.


Reporting abuse

If you have any concerns about abuse, please complete the below form. A Rocky Bay staff member will contact you within 1 business day.



Need more support?

If you need urgent assistance, please refer to the below list of organisations.

The National Disability Abuse and Neglect hotline

Free call: 1800 880 052

Email: [email protected]

National Relay Service

Phone: 6551 7600

The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office

Phone: 6551 7600

People with Disability WA Inc

Phone: 9485 8900

Child Protection and Family Services

(under 18 years of age)

Phone: 9222 2555


Phone: 13 11 14

West Australia Police

Phone: 13 14 44

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