Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938

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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Welcome! Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIP) aim to identify barriers to inclusion and provide solutions that ensure people with disability are given the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities as others in the community. Rocky Bay is committed to ensuring that people with disability, their families and carers are able to safely and easily access buildings and services. Rocky Bay strives to make information, services and facilities readily accessible to all people whilst ensuring individuals with disability are not discriminated against, either directly or indirectly. In order to facilitate the inclusion of people with disability, Rocky Bay will work in cooperation with community groups and public authorities to ensure participation in consultative forums.

DAIP outcome 1 – Access to services and events

  • The Rocky Bay DAIP statement is to be available on the Rocky Bay website as an accessible audio/video link
  • Information on notice boards is placed in accordance with the Australian Standards which state that ‘information should be positioned at a height of between 1200mm and 1600mm above the plane of the finished floor’
  • The Rocky Bay cafe is to provide options for people who require modified diets where this is feasible National guidelines on modified food information will be provided to the cafe staff, detailing how food and drink can be modified for individuals
  • Plain English principles will be the preference where feasible and practical for any new marketing material developed by Rocky Bay Training for employees who undertake CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual support (Disability) at Rocky Bay provides guidance for staff to work with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • We provide ongoing National Relay Service awareness training for administration/frontline team
  • We seek to employ people who can converse with people from a range of backgrounds/who may not speak English as a first language, where this is required as a priority for the customer

DAIP outcome 2 – Access to buildings and other facilities at Rocky Bay

  • People who use wheelchairs to access Rocky Bay buildings and services are asked for feedback about accessibility levels
  • Rocky Bay’s newly developed Advanced Technology Solutions promotes and facilitates the innovative use of technology to help with access when renovating or building new buildings
  • Rocky Bay Independent Living Units incorporate assistive technology to suit individual needs
  • Notice boards that contain vital information and signage comply with AS 3745-2010
  • Planning for emergencies in facilities, section 3.5.3 stipulates that emergency evacuation diagrams should should be positioned at a height of between 1200mm and 1600mm above the plane of the finished floor. Rocky Bay ensures that all of its evacuation diagram signage is positioned in line with these Australian standards

DAIP outcome 3 – Access to information

  • New signage will include visual images and contemporary language
  • Information and documentation such as intake forms, brochures and events can be made available in different languages on request using Google Translator
  • Options for customers to access information on the Rocky Bay website via audio and text enhancement are apparent and clear
  • The website has links to useful resources to help people with disability, families and/or carers access services
  • A Client Management System is being developed for users to access up to date information regarding their personal and general information
  • Translators from the WA Translation Interpreter Services (TIS) are engaged when required, to support service access to information for individuals, families and/or carers

DAIP outcome 4 – Receive the same quality of service from staff

  • Disability access and inclusion is a standing agenda item on team meeting agendas Rocky Bay welcomes the community into its premises and works to partner with local people and businesses
  • All new employees, volunteers and students undertake “values training” which encompasses the values of Rocky Bay and working ‘with, not for, people with disability’
  • We regularly review and update all our policies and training to ensure best practice
  • Our purpose is to “optimise quality of life for people living with disability”

DAIP outcome 5 – Access to complaints mechanisms

  • Rocky Bay has an open feedback mechanism and views each complaint or suggestion as an opportunity for improvement
  • Customers can provide feedback by: – Phone – Website – Face to face – Email – Completing and returning the form on our feedback brochure
  • A Client Management System is being developed to incorporate an accessible and robust forum for feedback and complaints

DAIP outcome 6 – Participate in public consultation

  • Support is provided to people with disability to be part of the Town of Mosman Park initiative ‘Hour Exchange’ where participants contribute skills into a communal pool
  • Clients will be invited to sit on our advisory panel concerning accessibility for proposed refurbishments and future developments
  • Rocky Bay works closely with the local councils supporting people with disability to participate in the development of the Local Government Act DAIPs
  • Rocky Bay forums encourage people to get involved and share their experiences
  • Parents and carers of people with disability are consulted about their needs
  • Service users forums are held quarterly in the recreation programs. Families and members are invited to attend to have a say in how their services are delivered

DAIP outcome 7 – Access to employment opportunities

  • All job advertisements (internal and external) include equal opportunity statements
  • Rocky Bay employs people with disability as part of our workforce
  • Rocky Bay Employment Services (RBES) and Alternative to Employment teams also promote open employment opportunities in the community for people living with disability
  • Rocky Bay source jobs that maximise peoples potential and interests
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