Quinn steps into the workforce

Jul 26, 2022

The Rocky Bay Equipment team posing for a group photo in the warehouse.

Meet Quinn (pictured second from right) , a 22-year-old sci-fi enthusiast and avid video content creator. He is also a long-time customer turned dedicated employee of Rocky Bay. 

Quinn has partnered with Rocky Bay for as long as he can remember to receive support and guidance for his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When Quinn reached an age where he wanted to get out into the community to find his purpose, he turned to Rocky Bay’s Stages Toward Employment Pathways (S.T.E.P) program. 

The S.T.E.P program helps individuals find tailored, sustainable employment to match their personal goals, strengths and interests. S.T.E.P mentors will meet with individuals, their support team and potential employers to help identify and develop their skills and help them to find their niche in the workforce. Through this process Quinn developed the confidence and independence to apply for a job within Rocky Bay. 

Quinn initially interviewed for a role within the Clinical department, but on seeing the great qualities he possessed and how he could be suited to the Rocky Bay Equipment team, he was recommended to Rocky Bay Equipment Manager, Eamon O’Brien. Quinn was asked if he would like to interview for a role based in the team’s warehouse, and based on his performance, he was offered a role.  

Quinn has since been working as a store person under his supervisor and Store Person, Adam Faulkner. 

“I love working for Rocky Bay, it’s an opportunity to get out and have a purpose. I would recommend the S.T.E.P program to anyone that has a disability, it is a great way to find and keep a job,” says Quinn. 

It can sometimes be difficult for individuals living with disabilities to find the right career path for them, so Rocky Bay’s S.T.E.P program works alongside individuals to help them find their own place in the workforce.  

“Quinn has been a great help to us,” says Adam.  

“He’s always willing to lend a hand and confidently follows the procedures he’s been tasked with. Even if Quinn is having a bad day, he keeps his chin up and is ready to chat about music, TV or his passion for sci-fi. Quinn exhibits enthusiasm and confidence and is exactly what I needed to help move and fix equipment.”

Congratulations Quinn, and welcome to your well-earned place in the workforce! 

To find out more about our Stages Toward Employment Pathways program and how it could support you, call our friendly Customer Engagement team on 6282 1900 or click here.

Equipment team photo L-R: Adam Faulkner, Leanne Shannon, Mark Cox, Eamon O’Brien, Quinn Walters, Lotta Collier.

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