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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Physiotherapists are specialists in movement and mobility. Our physiotherapy team will work with you to maximise your health, posture, mobility and function.

We can offer individual or group sessions at any of our office locations, in your home or in the community. We can provide training and monitoring support as well as prescribing mobility equipment and assistive technology to give you more independence.

Physiotherapists at Rocky Bay are also equipped to monitor and implement programs in your supported accommodation to enhance your respiratory function, while liaising with other relevant health care providers. Our physiotherapists work closely with other specialists to ensure you receive a holistic service with one key contact, other services we provide also include the following:

Gross Motor Skills Development 

The term ‘gross motor skills’ refers to the many general ways that you move around and interact with people and your environment such as walking, running, jumping, hopping, catching, throwing, kicking, and skipping.

You use your gross motor skills to participate in a range of everyday activities such as going to the shops or the park, riding a bike and playing sports with peers, friends and family. Rocky Bay physiotherapists will assess your gross motor skills and develop an individualised intervention plan, where required.

Physiotherapists are also able to provide support around sport specific skills, helping you to transfer relevant gross motor skills into sport or play.

Serial Casting

Serial casting is a process of gradually lengthening a muscle by stretching it gently over a number of weeks.  To maintain the stretch, a cast is applied to the joint, holding it in a fixed position.  As the muscle gradually lengthens, the cast is regularly changed to keep an effective stretch on the muscle.  Serial casting is often used in addition to other treatments such as Botox ® or splinting.

Following serial casting, our therapy team can prescribe and implement appropriate therapy strategies to maintain the increased range of movement and maximise the opportunity to practise new functional skills.

Walking and Running

The ability to walk is a significant skill that has a large impact on your life and independence. Rocky Bay physiotherapists are able to provide specialist assessment, intervention and evaluation around the skills of walking and running. Our services include:

  • supporting young children who are yet to learn to take their first step
  • re-teaching walking or running after a change in ability
  • improving safety and balance in walking for older clients
  • increasing endurance, efficiency and speed of walking or running


Rocky Bay’s hydrotherapy pool in Mosman Park is kept at a comfortable 34oC, providing you with a relaxing experience for pain relief, exercise, muscle and functional improvement.

The hydrotherapy pool is ideal for rehabilitation, general therapy and leisure activities. You can learn basic exercises and techniques in a safe, controlled environment with support from Rocky Bay physiotherapists, support workers or health and wellness officers.

You can access the pool via a hoist, ramp and portable pool chair. The changing rooms have underfloor heating for improved comfort out of the pool.

The pool is also available for group sessions including school holiday activities.


Call our Customer Engagement Team during business hours on (08) 6282 1900 or

Online enquiry

You can access our services if you have an NDIS or WA NDIS plan, Disability Services Commission fundingMedicare or if you want to fund your own services. We can also support you through the planning process if you do not have a plan already.

We value that everybody is different, so please contact our Customer Engagement Team on (08) 6282 1900 or email to discuss your individual needs.

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