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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |
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Respite and Family Support funding from Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay’s Respite and Family Support (RFS) funding supports people living with disability and their families, promoting respite and family bonding time, helping to ease financial pressures, and supporting those who may be in crisis and need additional supports.

Rocky Bay’s RFS funding recently assisted 14-year-old Amy Read, who lives with autism, and her mum Kendall Read, who is raising Amy on her own and has limited informal family support available.

Through the assistance of the funding, 2019 started on such a positive note for the Read family, who were able to put supports in place to help them live a little more comfortably.

Kendall received RFS funding toward the costs associated with Amy’s transition to a new high school, including a school uniform, and a fitness membership to allow her quality time with her Mum, as spare finances were not available to them to access the community.

“She was totally beside herself with excitement at the uniform shop and at also being able to purchase new stationery. It was absolutely wonderful,” said Kendall.

RFS funding has also assisted the Rochfort family with a relaxing short break to Busselton.

Jo Rochfort, mum of Ruby, a young Rocky Bay customer, and son Zach, said their respite break in the south-west which was funded through RFS provided a calm environment for her children.

“Ruby usually takes a few days to adjust to a new routine and environment, but the security of the complex (in Busselton) made her feel safe immediately,” Jo said.

“The children spent most of the time at the beach or in the swimming pool which kept me busy, and it was delightful to see how much they enjoyed the water.

“We all slept properly for the first time in weeks which was restorative. I was able to give Ruby lots of practice developing life skills, independence, community engagement and money handling because I could observe from a distance while she undertook tasks involving asking staff for assistance or making purchases.”

RFS funding can go toward a range of experiences that encourage respite for families either in or out of the home. The funding can be used to cover activities or events that customers can participate in – which in turn provides a break for their family – as well as respite in the form of a short break.

Who is eligible for RFS funding?

Anyone who meets the below criteria, whether they are a Rocky Bay customer or not. To qualify for RFS funding you must:

  • live at home with their primary carer
  • be registered with the Department of Communities
  • Not be funded by an NDIA or WA NDIS plan.

How can it be used?

The funding must contribute towards a respite effect – for example, if you or a loved one who needs to have a break through the support they receive. This could be a break from a usual routine or providing your family with some downtime.

In the past, the funding has gone toward:

  • membership fees to a gym or yoga
  • a support worker to provide in-home care for children so the parents may go out
  • a holiday, including flights, accommodation and travel costs
  • other activities and events that customers can participate in, which in turn provides a break for the family.

Please note that funds cannot be provided retrospectively.

If you have any questions about RFS funding or wish to apply, please email your details to [email protected] and our team will get back to you with information on how to submit a funding application for assessment.

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