Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938

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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Resource for Aboriginal families now online

The number of Aboriginal people with disability engaging with disability services is very low. Reasons include limited information about disability and services available in the community, as well as barriers created by limited cultural competence within organisations.

Rocky Bay, supported by the Disability Services Commission, commenced the Finding Different Ways project in September 2015, seeking to raise awareness and improve access to disability services for Aboriginal people.

The project focused on the Peel region, resulting in an extensive range of partnerships and networks. It has now extended beyond the region, thanks to the contribution of so many community members and organisations toward the project.

The project aims to explore ways of increasing knowledge and awareness of:

•         Child development
•         Accessing supports early
•         Disability and services

New resources for downloading and sharing

We are pleased to launch and share a series of resources created in collaboration with community members including:

  • 11 audio bites, also broadcast on Noongar Radio
  • 5 Posters
  • 3 Postcards
  • Finding Different Ways pathway – a flowchart to guide individuals through the process of identifying and diagnosing disability, and accessing services

All resources are available for the public and organisations to download and share in order to reach families and the community with valuable information and encouragement to ask for support when needed.

Click to visit resources page

If you would like hard copies of any of the resources, please email our Marketing team at [email protected]

We welcome any feedback and comments on these resources.

Finding Different Ways is an initiative of Rocky Bay funded by the Disability Services Commission.


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