New partnership to benefit our customers

Jul 12, 2022

Representatives from Glide Products with Rocky Bay CEO Michael Tait and General Manager Strategy and Governance, Trevis Lawton

Rocky Bay is delighted to announce a new partnership with Glide Products, with Rocky Bay Equipment to supply the locally built, high-quality wheelchairs made to suit the individual needs of customers.

Rocky Bay CEO, Michael Tait, along with the Directors of Glide Products, Peter Green CSC and Steven Walsh, signed an agreement on 7 July.

One of the key benefits of the collaboration for customers is the shorter delivery times that Glide are able to provide. Currently, wait times on wheelchairs can be as long as 12 weeks, however, in most cases, Glide is able to provide a three week turnaround time for delivery.

Rocky Bay Equipment and Glide Products will work together to ensure mobility and postural seating requirements, including complex needs, will be met. A major advantage to this partnership is the benefit of spare part availability, with both Glide and Rocky Bay Equipment providing comprehensive, reliable, and responsive after-sales support.

“It’s a very exciting time,” says Rocky Bay CEO, Michael Tait. 

“We look forward to collaborating with Glide, and providing efficient turnaround times for those customers in need of mobility equipment.”

Glide Products is one of Australia’s largest locally owned manual and powered wheelchair manufacturers, and have almost 50 years’ experience in the industry. Rocky Bay has been providing disability services to the community for over 80 years, including the manufacture of custom-made mobility and postural supports.

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