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NASA inspires award winning upholstery team

Dec 13, 2019


Rocky Bay’s PostureTech upholstery team recently won a company Star Award for their innovative use of space-age fabric technology to improve our customers’ health and comfort.

To help avoid the health issues that can arise from spending a lot of time in postural equipment, such as wheelchairs, the team of Leanne Shannon and Lotta Collier used a fabric developed in conjunction with NASA that helps regulate body temperature, by reducing the heat build-up between the fabric and the body.

The Outlast material is sewn into the customers’ unique postural support as a base layer, while a durable outer layer is used to reduce wear. Leanne and Lotta also developed techniques to remove potentially irritating seams and folds from their designs, further improving customer comfort.

Overheating can lead to serious medical conditions such as pressure sores and bacterial infection, as well as being very uncomfortable.

The upholstery team worked very hard to develop and test this new technology and were duly rewarded for their efforts. Well done!


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