COVID-19 Restrictions Announcement

Fitness at home

May 8, 2020




While we are required to stay home due to COVID-19 restrictions, not only do we need to adapt to a new way of living, but keeping active and fit has never been more important.

Rocky Bay’s Fitness Officer, Kris Ingham, has shared his tips to get you moving throughout the current COVID-19 restrictions.


It’s easy to add some incidental exercise in to your daily tasks if you have the capacity.

Keep Busy in and around the house

      • Walk up and down your stairs, if possible multiple times per day
      • Hang the washing outside instead of using your dryer
      • Mow the lawn
      • Weed the garden, or plant some vegetables or herbs if you have the capacity
      • Walk around the block, to the shops or a park (independently, with family members, with a friend or carer, or your pet)
      • If you are a wheelchair user, push your wheelchair, or walk, to the local shops instead of driving

Keep it Interesting

Do activities with family or support staff that incorporate fitness elements:

      • Kick around a soccer ball or football, throw a Frisbee, fly a kite, ride a bike or tricycle
      • Utilise online workouts – like Rocky Bay’s online program above this article, for people who use a wheelchair or mobility aid


      • If you are in quarantine, you must stay inside and exercise
      • Keep your distance, more than 1.5 meters from others if you leave the house
      • Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after exercising and avoid touching your face
      • If you have any health-related issues, please see your GP for a screening prior to performing any exercises that is classified as medium to high Intensity
      • If you don’t exercise regularly, break it up – if 30 minutes is too long at once, start with 5-10 minute stints three times throughout the day
      • If you’re following an online program, work within your tolerance. If the duration of an exercise is too long, then stop and wait for the next exercise to begin
      • If you have an onset of pain when doing specific exercises, stop!


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