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Milo Social Skills 1:1 Therapy

January 18, 2021


What is Milo Social Skills Therapy?

Milo is an evidence-based curriculum and robot designed to help children living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to navigate social situations, learn emotional cues and develop self-regulating behaviours.

Using Milo can transform the way your child is able to learn, practice and apply social skills when engaging with your family and at their school.

Why is Milo so effective?

Milo has the ability to work with children in such an effective way because he:

  • never gets tired
  • never gets frustrated
  • is always consistent
  • helps children learn to navigate awkward interactions
  • expresses a full range of emotion for learning
Benefits of Milo Social Skills Therapy
  • Milo is highly engaging, fun and motivating which makes him an effective tool in teaching social skills to children
  • By developing greater social awareness, children learn to make sense of their interactions with others which often helps to reduce their social anxieties
  • Children learn to recognise when they are feeling upset and develop a range of “calm down” techniques provided by Milo
  • With improved social understanding and communication skills, students become more confident and capable of navigating social situations
Package Pricing

The Milo Social Skills Therapy package includes:

  • Pre-intervention assessment with a therapist*
  • 10 x intervention sessions (weekly over a school term)
  • Post intervention assessment with a therapist
  • Post intervention treatment summary and outcomes report

The Milo Social Skills Therapy package costs $3200.00

* The pre-intervention assessment costs $530 and provides you with a social skills assessment report with recommendations for therapy that is suitable to your child’s needs. This fee is non-refundable.

Who’s eligible for Milo Social Skills Therapy?

Milo delivers results for school-aged children with ASD. He is also suitable for children and young adults with a range of diagnoses who will benefit from assistance in developing their social skills.

* The pre-intervention assessment provides you with a social skills assessment report with recommendations for therapy that is suitable to your child’s needs.

Event details

Time and Date

Date and Time:

January 18, 2021
Rocky Bay locations


11/13 Baling St


Rocky Bay Cockburn Central (Patricia Kailis Centre)
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