Development Application for Belmont submitted

Mar 2, 2023

The image is an artists impression of Rocky Bay's future Belmont site. There is text that says 'Our Future.'

Rocky Bay’s plans for a one-of-a-kind disability, health and community facility are one step closer to becoming reality after the proposal was submitted for planning approval with the City of Belmont.

The Development Application (DA) for the Abernethy Road site details a three storey, campus-style facility that will support our work to respond to the changing needs of people living with disability in WA.

The plans include a mix of our existing services, several new services to address emerging needs, community accessible spaces to support strong inclusion, and opportunities for co-locating services to improve access for people living with disability.

CEO Michael Tait said the contemporary and inclusive hub would leverage Rocky Bay’s unique position of supporting people of all ages and disabilities with one of the most comprehensive service offerings in the sector.

“Our primary focus has always been to design a precinct that not only meets the needs of our customers, but that also addresses unmet needs across the Western Australian disability landscape,” Mr Tait said.

“This proposal solidly supports that objective, providing a modern facility from which to deliver our existing range of therapy, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, skills development, training and community programs.

“However, more than that, it also proposes new capacity with a specialist paediatric hub, inclusive early learning centre and specialist ‘all abilities’ gym. Our proposed design includes the flexibility and scalability to be responsive to future needs, and the strong focus on inclusion will make this a landmark facility for the West Australian community.”

Multidisciplinary design practice Hames Sharley was appointed to design a facility that balances being a world class exemplar for inclusive and universal design, with Rocky Bay’s values of inclusion and a strong sense of community.

Principal Andrew Tang-Smith said the design brought together the best of what the world has to offer to develop a one-of-a-kind facility for the state of WA.

“We also drew on significant lessons from the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkley California, which is well-recognised as a statement of inclusion and a benchmark for universal and inclusive facilities,” Mr Tang-Smith said. 

“Our team is extremely proud of the proposed design, which we believe places the focus on the users and their connection to their community, nurtured by the landscaped environment to support them living their best life.”

Rocky Bay plans to transition to the new service and administration hub in 2025 and will commence a capital raising campaign in 2023 to support full development of the site.

We will continue to support our customers in the western suburbs well into the future. We will retain a presence in the western suburbs with our independent living homes on McCabe Street in Mosman Park (which are not included in the sale) and our newest facility, Lady Lawley Cottage in Cottesloe.

We will also facilitate a strong community engagement program which will enhance the way the facility will be used to integrate within the Belmont and broader Perth and WA communities. 

To register your interest in participating in the consultation process, please email your details to [email protected].

Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions about this exciting project.

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