Cosy Cubbies a hit in Geraldton primary school

Nov 24, 2021

Two students are inside the green cosy cubbies. They are looking out for the cubby door and smiling at the camera.

A collaboration between Geraldton’s Waggrakine Primary School and Rocky Bay Equipment has resulted in a win-win situation for students who experience over-stimulation to noise or lights and are in need of a quiet space to reset.

Funded as part of the Geraldton Lighthouse Model of Schools supporting children with autism, the cubbies, designed and developed by Rocky Bay Equipment, are a hit with students at the school, giving them a welcome sensory respite.

“Within my classroom setting, I have a number of boys who love the cosy cubbies,” said Year Four teacher, Anouka Barnes.

“The cubby provides them with a safe place to be able to de-escalate, and regulate their emotions, while maintaining their dignity, before returning back to learning,” she said.

After reaching out to Rocky Bay’s Equipment Manager, Eamon O’Brien set to work to design a cubby house that was purpose built, designed to reduce stimulation and provide a calm, darkened space for students to relax.  

Made from pine, the cubbies are lined with foam and upholstered with bright coloured tarpaulin with the inside lined in black acoustic felt, providing a safe haven for students needing momentary ‘time out.’

“These students have socially and emotionally developed ten-fold using the cosy cubby,” said Anouka.

“They have been able to teach themselves how to regulate their emotions safely and responsibly,” she says.

Students of all ages at the school are making use of the cubbies when the need arises and teachers are noticing the benefits.

“In early childhood rooms, the children are happy to snuggle in there and all seem to like it,” said Kindy Teacher, Jacqui Baker.

“The cubbies are accessed by all students needing a break but do provide a great place for those on the autism spectrum to take a break from the busy sensory aspects of the classrooms,” she said.

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