Concepts unveiled for newly acquired Belmont site

Oct 27, 2022

Michael Tait with Brook McGowan Director at Hames Sharley and Principal Andrew Tang-Smith

Rocky Bay is excited to announce it has partnered with architect and design firm Hames Sharley to help bring our vision for the new Belmont facility to life!

Hames Sharley was a stand out during the recent procurement process, demonstrating a strong understanding of our requirements and our aspiration to create an integrated community space.

“Their submission provided us a rich understanding of how we can best use our location within the Belmont precinct. The architect’s ‘Building in the Park’ approach will elevate our hub’s design to connect with Belmont’s natural and built environment,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Tait.  

“Their approach to developing our masterplan for the site gives me the confidence that we will be able to design a facility that achieves our vision of building a vibrant, inclusive space that is accessible and inviting.”

One of the concepts unveiled for the Belmont development

Hames Sharley Principal, Andrew Tang-Smith, said the project was one the whole team felt strong alignment with – to enable people with disability to live their best possible life.

“The new Rocky Bay site has the unique opportunity to strengthen the arterial connection between Belmont’s civic and community heart to the river by providing a new community anchor on the journey, so we’re inspired about creating a world-class facility with the core purpose of community integration.”

As part of their pitch for the project, Hames Sharley has already developed an initial architectural concept for stage 1 that illustrates a connected series of pods covered by a canopy of walkways, connecting the community, clinical and paediatric hubs together. The concept also features a large, landscaped communal space with paediatric outdoor play areas.

Rocky Bay will be forming a Customer Reference Group in the new year to ensure customers are included in design process for the new facility. This group will be one of a number of ways existing customers will be able to have a voice in the design, with more information to be released shortly. Customers and family members who are interested in nominating to join the Customer Reference Group can register their interest early by emailing [email protected] in advance of next month’s call for nominations.

​​​​​​Title photo L-R: Brook McGowan Director at Hames Sharley, Principal Andrew Tang-Smith, Rocky Bay CEO Michael Tait.

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