Bryce and Judy’s special bond


Love, understanding and determination goes a long way to form great relationships, and while no relationship is without its challenges, the bond between Bryce Welch and his mum, Judy Welch, is certainly air tight. “From cradle to present day, my mum has had my back,” Bryce said. “Whether that be cheering me on the sporting … Read more

New tech changes Peggy’s life


Technology can be a wonderful thing, and no one knows that better than Peggy Harvey, who was recently gifted an iPhone X by the Rocky Bay Wishing Tree, with the wish made on her behalf by Rocky Bay Allied Health Team Leader, Amy Hutchinson. Peggy, a Rockingham resident who has been accessing occupational therapy and … Read more

Claire snaps into business


Eighteen year-old Claire Ha has a very clear picture of what she would like to pursue as her career. A talented photographer who is mostly self-taught in her art, Claire started learning her craft in 2015, and with support from Rocky Bay’s Stages Toward employment Pathways (S.T.E.P) program, she is developing her very own micro-enterprise. … Read more

Meet Michael – Rocky Bay cEO


If you’ve ever visited our Mosman Park hub, it’s likely you have met Rocky Bay’s CEO, Michael Tait, during one of your visits! Michael has lead Rocky Bay since 2006 and has guided the organisation through enormous changes, including our expansion of services, supported accommodation and hubs across Perth metro and the Mid-West, and ensuring … Read more

Everything social skills


To shine a light on Autism Awareness Month, our Advanced Clinician in Socials Skills, Lauren Constantine, gives us an insight into her role and how Rocky Bay’s Social Skills and Language, Learning and Literacy clinics support and benefit our customers. What Advanced Clinician Social Skills involves I support our therapy team by meeting with them … Read more

Arabella’s Therapy journey


Eight-year-old Arabella Halls loves crafting, princesses, unicorns, fairies, mermaids, and most of all she loves the colour pink. Arabella has a twin brother named Xander, who she loves, and a large friendship group at school who are inclusive of her in their activities, and will often have their birthday parties at locations that are accessible … Read more

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