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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Rocky Bay provides short term (respite) accommodation at three locations, in Rockingham, Beeliar and Gosnells. Each location caters for people 18+ years of all abilities, and has the latest technology and equipment to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Rocky Bay customers come to respite for a number of reasons; to have a holiday, to take a break from regular carers, or to use the facilities as a stepping stone towards independent living.

Respite can really make a difference to the quality of life for all members of a family living with disability.

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Thirty-three year-old Anna Collis, a customer of the Country House, Rocky Bay’s guest house in Gosnells, shared with us her experience of how she was supported by Rocky Bay to live independently during the height of COVID-19.

Thanks to the support she received, Anna is now looking to transition into supported accommodation so she can continue to live a full and independent life.

Anna's Story

“My name is Anna and I am a 33 year-old ginger ninja. I was born in Fremantle and went to school in Mandurah. Just after I turned 21 years old, my mum passed away from brain cancer.

I began living independently in mum’s house in Dawesville after that and I had support to help me with my daily tasks. With the help of my Local Area Coordinator, I moved into a house in Mandurah that was left to me by my Grandma when she passed away.

I then started my independent life and while I was living in my own house, I became very lonely and depressed which caused me to think about my mum and how guilty I felt about her passing. This was more evident during the evenings and night time when I would spend long periods by myself. This resulted in some self-destructive coping mechanisms such as eating lots of junk food, spending lots of money and making some not so good decisions.

In November 2019 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This made me think about changing my eating and exercising habits.

Along came Covid-19.

It was no longer safe for me to continue to living independently whilst in lock down because of COVID-19, as I was unable to fully understand self-isolating, the restrictions of COVID-19 and the consequences of not following the government guidelines.

This is when I found the Rocky Bay Gosnells guest house.

It was scary to think I would be living with other people in a whole new town. I was dropped off at the front door by my Support Worker, Belinda. I instantly felt comfortable and confident with my decision to stay here until COVID-19 went away.

Since being at the Gosnells guest house, I have made many friends who encourage me to keep my independence. I have learnt to cook, change my bed sheets and do my own washing, all by myself.

I have visited the Perth Zoo, Casino, Bowling, Cinemas, Wildlife Parks, Bounce, Karaoke, AFL football and AQWA.

I have built many new relationships and made a lot of new friends.

I have achieved many things while I have been here, but I am most proud of saving lots of money and losing 21 kilograms. I am no longer lonely or depressed, and I no longer have the behaviours that I used to when I was living by myself.

Since being at the Gosnells guest house, I have realised that the best place for me to live is in a supported accommodation setting where I have people around me that care for me and are there to help me achieve my goals all the time.

I am currently visiting supported accommodation that I might be moving into. This house is close to the train line so that I can independently catch the train to Mandurah to visit my friend Helen.

I am very grateful for being supported by the Rocky Bay’s Gosnells guest house and their staff. I would like to thank them for supporting me during a big change in my life.”

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To book your stay at a Rocky Bay Respite House, please contact our Customer Engagement Team or complete the form below:

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