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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |

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Mosman Park redevelopment

Artist impression of proposed Mosman Park redevelopment

The Mosman Park redevelopment project will enable Rocky Bay to provide high quality and innovative support to all people of all abilities, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The four-storey integrated facility will deliver an inclusive community hub, offering health and wellbeing, rehabilitation, early childhood support, training and shared community services with an aim to see the local community and people living with disability integrate through shared facilities and community services.

Dependent on fundraising, construction of the approximately $15M project is expected to begin in late 2019 and is anticipated to take 18 months to complete (2021).

Project update

Rocky Bay has submitted a request to the Town of Mosman Park for an extension to the Development Application which was approved in January 2018.

While significant progress has been made, the extension will provide Rocky Bay with adequate time to finalise planning and raise the necessary funds to allow for construction.


When will construction start?

We are currently seeking funding and working to finalise the design and construction process.

Will the development increase traffic in Mosman Park?

We anticipate most of the community activities (e.g. use of the fitness centre) will take place during off-peak hours, such as early morning or evening and weekend, therefore we do not anticipate a significant increase in traffic to the site.

What is the height of the proposed building?

The top of the current building is 36.1m, while the proposed building will sit at 42.2m with the mechanical plant to 43.8m. Although the proposed building is higher than the existing facilities, it will not be visible from any off site location due to its placement set back off the road, as well as the surrounding natural features.

Can I view the detailed plans?

Further design work is currently being completed and we will share plans in due course.

Can electric wheelchair sports still use the gym?

Yes! The sports hall will remain in place, so all current activities and services will continue as normal.

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