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Donna finds her voice

Jun 3, 2020


Donna, a spritely therapy services customer, is able to communicate again thanks to the generous donations made to Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree.

Donna has complex communication needs and is unable to type or touch on a device to help her communicate. Thanks to the eye gaze and voice assist technology she received, Donna now happily communicates with friends and family, as well control her living environment.

With support from the Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP) and The Wishing Tree, Donna now uses a tablet fitted with eye gaze technology, which converts eye movements into mouse clicks. The tablet then converts Donna’s commands into voice, to control an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Donna can now play music, hear the latest news and weather, and even control the lights in her house. Watch the video below to see this technology in action!

Best of all, Donna can have conversations again with her loved ones and according to Donna’s Advanced Clinician, Kayla Chapman, the happiness that brings is obvious.

“Donna has been unable to communicate effectively for some time now, and she is such a social and independent lady,” Kayla said.

“Having access to a communication device along with home controls has made a noticeable difference to her demeanour. It’s so pleasing to see.”

As Donna is of a certain age (a lady never tells!), she is unable to access NDIS funding and relies on the generous donations made to The Wishing Tree for necessary equipment such as this.

If you would like to made a donation to Rocky Bay’s Wishing Tree and gift a wish, please visit

To speak to our team to find out more about assistive technology, call us on 08 6282 1900.

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