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Optimising the quality of life for people living with disability since 1938 |
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Transform with Technology | Assistive Technology Solutions Event


There’s no doubt that your ambitions start at home. Which is why it’s so important to make sure that you have complete independence to live your life just as you want to.

Independence in your home may mean a number of different things to you. For some it’s the difference between being able to open doors or turn off lights. For others it’s the ability to make breakfast or hear the doorbell.

Join Kelvin Kong and Danielle Smitham from the Assistive Technology Solutions Team at Rocky Bay as they dive into the topic of home independence with the use of technology. This event will introduce you to the technological possibilities that lay ahead and what’s currently working in the homes of people living with disability.


Learn how to use technology in your home

Technology can be used for anything, from opening a can to locking your front door. You will see how you can make small changes in your home to have a big impact with the use of everyday technology.

Realise the potential

Tools like Google Home and Alexa are great for general use, but we know that there’s more functionality to these than what appears on the surface. With our help, you will see the potential for technology to help make your life easier, almost overnight.

Understand what is coming

The growth of technology is exponential, which is exciting for everyone, especially you. Learn about the technological advances that can shape and improve the way you achieve daily tasks.



4-4.15pm: Registration

4.15-4.30pm: Introduction to the latest and greatest from Rocky Bay’s Advanced Technology Solutions Team

Kelvin will provide a scope of what is upcoming in the world of Advanced Technology, proving that anything is possible.

4.30-5.15pm: Home Independence Tour

The Advanced Technology Solutions Team will introduce you to 6 of the most functional ways that technology can be used to improve independence in your home. The technology that is geared to mounting, switching, computer access, and more will be shown during this session.

5.15-5.30pm: Independence in your Life

Let’s talk about the other ways that technology can be used to improve your independence. Whether it’s to help you to travel, work or get further with your hobbies, technology has no boundaries.

5.30-6pm: Q&A Session / Tour

Bring your questions along to today’s session



4pm-6pm, Wednesday 11th July


14 Resolution Dr, Ascot WA 6104



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